What would you do in life-or-death situations?

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Today your life is running smoothly. You feel safe and secure and nothing seems to change it. From time to time, you want to get rid of routine and you’re looking for fun activities with adrenaline-rising effect. You project it in every little detail. You know exactly what to expect.  You are wearing protection equipment, and for some, you have even attended to special trainings. Still, the question remains: “Are you really prepared for life-or-death situations?”

In extreme situations such as war, hurricanes, plane crashes, natural disasters or animal attacks the normal order of things is affected. Panic rules and the never-ending list with survival steps is running through your head without any reaction. The key-word in such cases is teamwork, because it can provide physical and mental security and combining individual skills could be very efficient. But what could you do when you are all alone?

Firstly, you should quickly recognize the situation you are facing. It helps preventing dangerous reactions or underestimate potentially high risk circumstances. For example, in case of an earthquake, do not run on stairs thinking to leave the building as soon as possible, but sit next to the most resistant thing in the house which is higher than you. In this way, you will be protected from falling objects.

Secondly, don’t waste precious time thinking how to react. Once the situation correctly identified, trust in your sense of conservation. Security of body is one of your essential needs, so your brain has already figured out how to solve situation. Imagine that you got stucked in your badly crashed car. Fuel is flowing everywhere and doors are locked. What would be the first thing to do? The correct answer is: break the glass door and get immediately out of the car.

Finally, you must live prepared. I am sure that everybody has a first-aid kit in the car. But how many of us have one inside the house? Start making your own survival kit and customize it to your own survival needs. In addition, get good survival supplies. Food and water are essential. So, calculate the three-day need and store the amount in your home. If it is comfortable to you, first aid trainings could also be helpful.

Think about it and start from TODAY because “Forewarned is forearmed”.

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3 Comments to “What would you do in life-or-death situations?”

  1. Ana- says:

    not panic! in primul rand, si ganditul la rece ajuta.

  2. Interesant post-ul asta ! Desi este putin probabil sa se intample ceva atat de grav totusi daca stau sa ma gandesc nu am o trusa de ajutor completa in casa, si asta ar fi un MUST indiferent ! Este sanatos sa fii preventiv !

  3. Ionut says:

    @ Ana: e greu de spus ce poti face iar in varianta ‘nu-ti face griji’, nu pot sa cred..cand esti intr-o situatie dificila, crede-ma, ca-ti faci griji!