How you can set up a company in Italy

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Foreign investors all over the world have been searching for new business opportunities since the economic crisis forced them to liquidate a part of their firms and to think of new possibilities for making profit abroad. One of the European countries that many entrepreneurs are interested in is Italy, chosen for the incentives offered by authorities to the foreign businessmen. Some of the most important are the state guarantees for making exports and deductions from the taxable income for those who bring a bigger amount of capital then is required for registering a company.

The foreign entrepreneurs can benefit of investment loans at a reduced interest, so they can set up companies in different fields of the economy, such as manufacturing, agriculture and tourism, that were chosen by a large number of investors from European countries: UK, Netherlands, Germany and also from the United States.

If you are interested in doing business in Italy, first you have to choose a field for your future activity and then to decide what type of Italian company suits you best from different points of view. The most common type of company is Societa a Responsabilita Limitata, which means a limited liability company suited for small and medium businesses. You need 10,000 EUR for share capital and you will deposit 2.500 EUR at the bank if the company has just an owner, otherwise (two or many owners) you will have to deposit the total amount.

For company registration, at the Italian Trade Register, you will need the following acts: the articles of association, specimen signatures, affidavits and other documents required by the local law. You or your representative will have to go to a public notary to sign the documents for company formation, then open a bank account where you will deposit the share capital. Beside these, you need to hire an accountant for your financial activities.

If you need more information about the procedures and assistance along the whole company formation, you can contact a specialist in company formation.

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  1. Si in cazul in care iti faci o companie in Italia care sunt avantajele fata de Romania? Din cate cunosc nu e chiar un off-shore cum este Cipru de exemplu.